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Posted: 2017-12-07 07:01

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I ordered from their black Friday event, got a notice that my items were delivered, but low & behold. I have no items. I called the company, they told my to call the post office. I called the post office, they told me to call Adore me. I call Adore me back, they asked me if I have called the post office, I said yes, they told me to call you. Adore me says they can offer me 55% off of my next order. Why on earth would I order from you again when I can 8767 t even get the first order that I have placed? I 8767 m now waiting days for a supervisor to call me back & contemplating reporting the transaction as fraud on my credit card.

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The items sold by this company are poor quality (cheap rough lace and poorly sewn seams) and the sizes are all over the map. I cannot even find one piece that fits my wife properly. I had to return the first item and have been trying to find an item to replace it ever since. Each time I order a size medium, I find they are either too small or way too large. I have not found anything that is worth $. The photos on their website look great but the products are junk. Frankly, I 8767 m surprised to hear these items are made by reputable companies.

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I accidentally placed an order for the wrong size and called them within an hour to change the size and/or cancel the order if that was not possible. They told me that they could not do either. That I would have to wait for the package to arrive, then take it to the post office for a return to either switch sizes or get a refund. Terrible business practices. Ordered from them several times before but will not again in the future.

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I had a horrible experience with a groupon I ordered. Their customer service claimed that my return was incomplete and several times did not follow up. I went back to groupon and they refunded what I had payed, but I 8767 m not even going to bother with going after them for the money I paid them. They did give me a couple of vouchers for free sets so I 8767 m going to likely use those for all my trouble (in lieu of the money that I 8767 m not going back to them for).

In addition, it 8767 s worth noting that Cervin/L 8767 arsoie are one and the same. The first name is the company 8767 s brand that they sell products under. The second name is the same company 8767 s manufacturing or factory name. This particular arrangement is common for several lingerie companies I know of (StockingsHQ, Kiss Me Deadly, Made by Niki, and Playful Promises, among others), but it does mean you are technically correct that you don 8767 t do business with or invoice Cervin.

I wish I had read all these reviews BEFORE I made my first purchase from AdoreMe. I have had a terrible experience with this company, similar to many of you. I got sucked into a promotional deal for $65 only to find out I had joined a club after I paid. I immediately tried to cancel the order but was told I could not. I imagine I will need to cancel my credit card to get out of this like many of you have done.

The 65 pieces shown above are just the first handful I got around to making comparison photos of there are plenty more. In addition, I noticed that several of the pieces Adore Me sells are significantly more expensive than they 8767 d be from other websites selling the same brands (like ). So not only are you not actually buying designer lingerie, in some cases, you 8767 re even paying more for the privilege.

Biggest scam ever. I wish I could put 5 stars. They charge you every month 95$ and this is not clear at all at first that you are signing up for this. They say they give you store credits if you invite friends but these 8776 credits 8776 are never put in your account. Terrible customer service, they make you stay on the line for ever and hang up without even asking if you have more questions (which you do). You can 8767 t unsubscribe within 95$ or else you must pay a penalty. Simply terrible experience.

Editor 8767 s Note: Since publication of this article, we 8767 ve written a new series with updated information on Adore Me. This new series is not a review, but is meant to inform consumers about specific changes to the company since the publication of this piece. To access that series, please visit the following pages: Part 6 why we 8767 re revisiting Adore Me , Part 7a thoughts on the new collection , Part 7b more thoughts on the new collection , and Part 8 a conversation with the CEO, Morgan Hermand-Waiche.

Adore Me uses UPS Smart Post which is essentially expedited USPS. While this may not prove to be an issue for many, it is if (in my case) the US Postal Service doesn 8767 t deliver to physical addresses. It has been a nightmare trying to track my package, since Adore Me only shows the tracking information on the UPS site (which, conveniently, is outdated information for a package decidedly not mine). Solution: plugged the information into the USPS site and got updates + called my local post office to ask them to hold the package.

I honestly disliked this company so much. I tried them several years ago, and the lingerie I got ran FAR too small, but more importantly, was HORRIBLE quality. I wouldn 8767 t pay more than $5 for the quality of the lingerie I got (and immediately returned). You can get better quality lingerie on Amazon for half the price! I actually get all my corsets through Amazon because $65 will get you something far sturdier than this stuff.

Hi! I think this is a great comment and a good point, but in this case, it is a relabeling. The products are identical, but have been sold with Adore Me 8767 s tag as opposed to the original manufacturer/usual brand. I can 8767 t speak for how things are in the rest of fashion world (as my specialty is lingerie), but I can tell you that Rene Rofe is not a private label manufacturer for Trashy Lingerie and that Adore Me has relabeled Rene Rofe 8767 s products under their own name. The same is true for the other brands mentioned in this post (Seven 8767 til Midnight, Parfait by Affinitas, etc.). Adore Me worked out an agreement with the manufacturers to produce extra product under their company name so they could start doing business faster (which the CEO talks about in the articles linked at the top). Thanks for stopping by!

they buy the lingerie from other lingerie companies close outs basically it 8767 s the crap no one wants to buy. They then mark up a bra and a panty to and tell you it 8767 s a bargain ,, they never have been in the industry and have deep pockets to buy names and fake followers on Facebook. it 8767 s a shame that companies like this give start ups a bad name. They don 8767 t check the factories for labor issues or quality your $ is actually worth $ !!!

Good to see you again! And thank you for pointing out that many of your products are indeed repackaged and used by other brands. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I don 8767 t have access to the original factory records, manufacturing agreements, company accounts, or anything else of that nature. I simply report on the similarities I see similarities which you appear to agree with. Like Secrets in Lace, most companies which sell these styles say that they 8767 re the originator of them and many companies insist that these items were or are exclusive to them. My invitation for you to write an article about the details of stockings manufacturing on The Lingerie Addict still stands. Until then, I look forward to seeing your new welt treatments.

ughhh hate this website! so many Jezebel pieces being sold for crazy high prices! i actually found half a dozen Jezebel bras within the first five minutes of browsing Adore Me. even with a 8775 matching 8776 panty its still more expensive than the actual manufacturer would top of that, you cant figure out how they actually fit if you don 8767 t know who made it, since sizes differ between brands most of the time. i signed up forever ago out of curiosity but never bought anything, and im glad i havent.

In their various press releases and marketing materials, Adore Me pitches itself as a place to get 8775 designer lingerie 8776 for less money. This article about Adore Me published on The Lingerie Journal says the company works with a 8775 team of designers. 8776 This Business Week profile says Adore Me brings the 8775 best in French, UK, US, and Brazilian fashion 8776 to their customers. This letter , enclosed with a blogger 8767 s review sample from a year ago, says Adore Me provides the 8775 finest lingerie, created by prestigious designers. 8776 Finally, in this TechCrunch article from a year ago, Adore Me makes the claim that they design and manufacture all their lingerie sets in house.

I tried adore me a few months ago and was really disappointed. The sizes differed between the two things I ordered, they didn 8767 t have the size I had ordered the first time so they sent me a voucher for a free set. When I returned both of them one got lost in the mail (I was using their return label) and it took several months to get a refund for the one I paid for. After returning the set I paid for I decided to trade in for some tights. They are not great, but I 8767 ll take them over a set made of polyester and cheap mesh.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Ive been eyeing an Adore Me corset set for a while now but I 8767 ve been hesitant to part with my money because I 8767 d never really heard of them before (found them through a friends facebook.) I was drawn to the ease and inexpensiveness of their business model, plus their mobile site is very easy to ues. But at 77 and working with a very tiny budget, I cant afford to run the risk of losing out on a flimsy 8775 deal. 8776 Why can 8767 t things just be easy? Why must businesses be so underhanded. I mean, I dont mind getting what I pay for as long as you 8767 re honest about it. All I wanted was a corset for my anniversary. Geuss its back to watching for Victoria 8767 s Secret to have a sale.

Fourth, their customer service stated that the bruising caused by their bra was no due to poor garment construction/design, but that I was wearing the wrong size. I 8767 m sorry, but I 8767 m a 85 year old woman and have been wearing bras for a long time in fact, I have quite a lovely collection from several of my favorite stores. So the point is that I know very well what my bra size is and if Adore Me had better customer service, they would be more concerned with tracking down the exact piece I had bought and investigating quality issues than insulting me.

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