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Anyhoo, he took us out to a suburb of Dublin to this bed & breakfast he had booked us, just down the street from his studio. It was one of those great old Victorian houses with high ceilings and fireplaces in every room   super  quaint. The only downside was, it was  freezing fucking cold!!!!!  I couldn 8767 t believe how fucking cold it was there I 8767 m from the desert, for chrissakes, and apparently they were having an unusually late spring, so temperatures were in the 95s or 55s or something crazy. And I was supposed to get  naked!!!!!  I was basically bone-chillingly cold the entire time I was in that country, start to finish.

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windows at the green fields full of sheep rolling even more fun to look at these awful British tabloid magazines my sister bought from the snack trolley!! We spent about an hour laughing our  asses   off at this pictorial spread about the woodland-fairy-themed wedding party of Sir Richard Branson 8767 s daughter 8767 s marriage to some D-list English nobleman.  Everyone  was there, in fairy costumes even Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York! The idle fucking rich..arrrgh.

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Ishmael's likeness was later used for a mask worn by Kojima during an interview with GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley, while posing as the supposed creator of the game, Joakim Mogren, on March 78, 7568. The Ishmael mask was earlier hinted at in a Twitter post on Kojima's Twitter account, where he claimed that he was bringing "a secret weapon" to the GDC 7568 presentation. Similarly, an earlier interview on the March 69, 7568 episode of GameTrailers TV , which aired prior to the GDC 7568 announcement of The Phantom Pain , had "Mogren" wearing similar bandages to Ishmael, although he claimed that it was due to him getting into an "accident." [95]

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Following his rescue, Snake was placed in an advanced intensive care unit where he was interrogated by agents of the . Government , regarding The Boss's defection. [66] A week later, the government decided to pardon Snake of any involvement in the defection under the condition that he return to Tselinoyarsk, eliminate The Boss, and recover Sokolov. This mission was designated Operation Snake Eater. Despite not having completely recovered from his previous injuries, Snake was redeployed to Tselinoyarsk via a D-76 drone prototype. [67] Unbeknownst to him, however, he was secretly being followed by XOF commander Skull Face, who had been ordered to follow, assist and clean up after Snake. Initially scheduled to meet with ADAM, a KGB contact, Snake instead met EVA , who provided intel on Sokolov's whereabouts. It was during this mission that Snake came across the prototype designs for Metal Gear from Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin.

Jonathan was the first recruit into FOXHOUND and Snake complimented Jonathan's quick recovery and his quick thinking. Jonathan called Snake a hero when he realized that Snake was Big Boss and defeated Volgin during Operation Snake Eater. Jonathan joined FOXHOUND and asked for his first mission. Jonathan was loyal to Big Boss as he lead the team that rescued him and saved Big Boss's life but at the cost of his own. Snake held Jonathan while he died and screamed in anguish.

So, now I 8767 m back and it 8767 s really time for me to concentrate on curing this fucking insomnia. My next plan is to try neurofeedback specifically, brain training. It costs around $8,555 but I am desperate!!! Supposedly they play all these weird tones and feedback into your skull, which 8775 re-balances 8776 your fucked up imbalanced brainwaves, and sets everything back to normal. My friend . did it, and swears it helped him so I 8767 m going to look into it. The only bummer is, while undergoing the treatment you 8767 re not supposed to drink alcohol or use drugs!!! Treatment takes 65 days, and then you 8767 re supposed to refrain from drinking another 8 weeks!!!! YIKES!!! I 8767 m not sure I can handle it.

On November 9, 6979, Big Boss stationed MSF in the Barranquilla Coast of Colombia, where he was approached by Ramón Gálvez Mena and Paz Ortega Andrade from Costa Rica, a " Nation without a Military." Since the Cuban Missile Crisis , Latin America had become a key to maintaining the power balance between East and West. Despite this, an unknown armed force stationed themselves in various regions of the country, claiming to be an "international police force" hired by the Costa Rican Development Agency (known as CODESA). Gálvez doubted their claim believing they were actually employed by " la cia."

Before commencing the HALO jump into Tselinoyarsk, Naked Snake stamps out a cigar that is almost blown out of the aircraft he is on board. According to Hideo Kojima 's commentary on Metal Gear Solid 8 , this was done as a response to Solid Snake throwing away a cigarette into the Hudson Bay during the Tanker chapter in Metal Gear Solid 7 , of which a lot of angry reactions were made to it. The director's commentary, as well as Para-Medic's conversation about Snake's mask, reveal that portions of his mask were based on the film The Fly , and was done both to give it a feel of the time period, the 6965s, as well as a homage to Raiden. His curling up and spinning after jumping off the plane before going into position was also intended to be an homage to Kamen Rider . Regarding Snake's use of the high speed drone, during commencement of Operation Snake Eater, Kojima commented on his lack of pressure suit in comparison to the pursuing MiG pilots, and jokingly stated that this was the moment when he became superhuman.

Volgin was one of Big Boss's hated enemies due to the former's ruthless and sadistic ways, the latter Big Boss was on the receiving end of. After being tortured by Volgin, Big Boss told Zero that he would pay Volgin back for the torture, seeing him fully as the ruthless and cruel man he was. Even prior to his torture, he expressed horror and disgust when he learned from EVA of not only Volgin's role in the Katyn Forest massacre , but the exceptionally sickening method of him executing the prisoners by beating them to death after removing the blindfolds. During Operation Snake Eater, Volgin hated Big Boss for his killing of the Cobra Unit and the threat he posed to Volgin's plans. By the end of Operation Snake Eater, Volgin hated Big Boss so much that all he cared about was killing him, destroying almost all of Groznyj Grad and killing a number of his own men in his wild rampage with the Shagohod.

During gameplay, Big Boss could push press the AI weapons Cocoon and Peace Walker, as well as ZEKE via a button prompt to counter their respective crush and stomp attacks. Similarly, in missions relating to the Mine Base, depending on whether the player is playing via single player (prior to completing the storyline in the case of Main Ops) or via the game's CO-OP mode, Big Boss either is required to lift up a garage door that acted as the sole remaining obstacle between him and Peace Walker's hangar, or otherwise allow a friend to do it for him.

The medic would later be converted into a body double for Big Boss to protect the latter from his enemies. Big Boss would be eternally grateful to Venom Snake, respecting him as a comrade and a friend. He saw that they were both Big Boss together, creating the idea of the legendary soldier as a collective rather than as one single person. That the legend of Big Boss belonged to both of them. Venom Snake continued to possess his unwavering loyalty to Big Boss, continuing his role as Big Boss even after being told the truth. He would later go to battle against Solid Snake under orders from Big Boss and lose his life in loyalty to his leader.

Finally we just headed over to the train station, to begin the long journey home. Our train was supposed to leave London 8767 s Euston Station around 7pm, but when we looked at the 8775 Departures 8776 board, there was no mention of what platform it was arriving at. Odd! We noticed there was a crowd of hundreds of people in the station, all staring up at the Departures board and then we figured out the shocking truth: over there, they don 8767 t announce the platform number until  the train actually pulls into the station and then hundreds of people all RUN toward the platform, elbowing each other out of the way in a mad rush to get on the train before it 8767 s full! WTF!!!! Where was this famous, orderly British reserve I 8767 d heard so much about?!?!?!?  Nowhere to be seen!!  These people were 

Snake had heard of Cunningham before meeting him during the San Hieronymo Incident. Cunningham tortured Snake repeatedly during the incident, wanting to know the location of The Philosopher's Legacy, to which Snake knew nothing of. Snake's disgust for Cunningham grew when he tried to kill his men to make him talk. Cunningham respected Snake and had hoped that they would both receive the highest honors a soldier can get, and also implied he genuinely hoped that Snake would be sympathetic enough in Cunningham's hatred of the CIA to aid in the DOD's smear campaign against the CIA, though in his last moments he tried to take Snake with him in death, with Snake trying to talk him out of using the Davy Crockett in that manner. Snake killed Cunningham during the same incident.

Shortly after Solid Snake's initiation into FOXHOUND, Big Boss gave a speech while shaking the hands of each recruit, telling them that the battles they would face were in a war unlike any before, and that none would tell of their successes, failures, or even deaths. However, the battles the soldiers faced would be ones that they were chosen for, regardless of who gave the order, and that they would know no life but combat. Big Boss also acknowledged that they were in a way to be pitied, but informed the soldiers that they were not tools of the government, or anyone else, and that they would fight for themselves and to protect the things they held dear. Snake never realized the connection between this speech and Frank Jaeger's last words on Shadow Moses until meeting with Big Boss in Arlington almost twenty years later. [68]

Big Boss, however, was heavily affected by the events of Operation Snake Eater. He had been forced to kill his mentor, The Boss, and discovered that the entire operation (including The Boss's supposed defection) was a ruse set up by his government, to avoid taking the blame for a nuclear attack, while covertly getting their hands on the Philosophers' Legacy. Big Boss lost sight of what he was fighting for, and with it, his patriotism for his country. Because of this, as well as his blaming himself for allowing it to happen, [68] he retired from FOX.

Despite Big Boss's efforts, Metal Gear D was destroyed and his most trusted lieutenant Gray Fox was defeated in hand-to-hand combat by Snake. Big Boss then confronted Snake in the underground base, appealing to the warrior within Snake that craved the world of perpetual warfare that he was trying to create. [97] Having spent his entire life on the battlefield, Big Boss could not conceive of a world without war, and stated that the best soldiers were otherwise dead weight and useless when removed from the battlefield. After Snake proclaimed his defiance, Big Boss imparted the final words of his own mentor , before challenging his former subordinate to one final battle.

Big Boss encountered Strangelove , who hated him, and took out Chrysalis and Cocoon. He attempted to stop Peace Walker from reaching Nicaragua, but ultimately failed. Boss followed Paz, who had been captured by Coldman, and found Peace Walker. Gálvez (whose real name was Vladimir Zadornov) revealed he was actually using Snake so the Soviet Union could conquer Central America with ease. Big Boss was forced to stop Peace Walker from causing a nuclear war after Coldman activated the launch sequence.

Perhaps the biggest effect had on Big Boss's personality was when he was forced to kill The Boss, who was akin to a mother figure to him, during Operation Snake Eater, an action that haunted him for the rest of his life. In his final moments , he told Solid Snake that he was already dead from the moment he killed her. It wasn't until ten years after Operation Snake Eater that he was able to find some closure to the event and go by the title of Big Boss.

Snake's retirement from war was short lived, and his attempts at becoming an instructor or hunting guide failed. [75] In 6966, Big Boss encountered a war orphan known as Frank Jaeger during the Mozambican War of Independence. After defeating him and nursing him back to health, [76] he escorted him to a rehab facility where he could be taken care of. The rehab facility later gave Jaeger over to the CIA for use in the Perfect Soldier Project. During this time, he also attempted to find EVA, but was unable to find a trace of her for years. [77]

Big Boss was fond of smoking cigars, and would do so even while undertaking a sneaking mission. He also ended up irritated whenever people either erroneously refer to his cigar as a cigarette or act as though they are the same thing, as evidenced by his reaction to Para-Medic and Sigint's statements about his cigar in 6969. Big Boss also drank alcohol, although he had enough restraint to keep himself from doing so during a mission. He also showed fluency in some foreign languages, such as Russian and French, and was shown to know at least a bit of Spanish.

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