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I can demonstrate that Christians don 8767 t exist, watch You 8767 re afraid of dying, you flinch when someone tries to punch you in the face. If you 8767 re a Christian then you 8767 re going to heaven so you have nothing to fear by reaching an early end. But yet you do anyways, your instinct dictates a fear of death because you don 8767 t actually know for sure whether or not there is an afterlife. Thus you 8767 re an agnostic and by definition that also makes you an atheist. Christians aren 8767 t real.

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Approximately 96% of the 8775 priest sex abuse scandal cases 8776 reported were examples of 8775 homosexual grooming. 8776 The technical term is 8775 pederasty 8776 (homosexual where the is an adolescent or older boy), but of course the MSM reported it as simple because to admit the problem was overwhelmingly one of allowing homosexuals to become priests would have conflicted with another of their agendas.

Gone North: The Front Lines of Ohio’s Opioid Crisis | The Fix

8775 Terrified by their own angry gods 8776 I don 8767 t think you know much about Hinduism. Also I looked up what you said and I have no idea where you get your facts. It turns out Hinduism is in decline in India, though not by much. However Islam is the fastest growing religion in India not Christianity. The amount of Christians in India is 7% of India 8767 s population. This number has been the SAME since 7556. According to recent statistics Hinduism is actually on the rise in the West while Christianity is in decline.

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For readers who might still be unclear on the question of whether Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ, will lead the Church away from Christ, one must keep in mind that preserving the unity of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is an essential responsibility proper to the Vicar of Christ, the visible head of the Church. (That responsibility is not proper to backseat drivers.) Those who refuse to submit to his papal authority foster harmful division , not salutary unity in the Catholic faith.

There is no doubt that experiences lay the foundations for later life. Parenting has a critical impact on emotional, behavioural and educational development, and their health and wellbeing. Approaches to parenting can be key in ensuring positive outcomes for as well as preventing a range of problems in people [7]. Moreover, research has shown that open, flexible, interactive, communicative approaches to parenting will enable to do well, regardless of mitigating circumstances such as poverty or deprivation.

As to hate and violence, you 8767 re trying to judge by your own moral standard, when the whole point of the exercise is that you 8767 re not the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong. It 8767 s fine for you to deny that there is a God (well, not 8775 fine, 8776 but rationally defensible), and it 8767 s fine for you to come up with your own moral code, but to say that God isn 8767 t real *because* His laws violate your moral code is just not taking the terms of the argument seriously.

· Parenting issues/difficulties are most difficult to identify in relation to in the 8 to 5 years age group unless they are serious or very visible. There are no formal health checks under Hall 9 when a is aged 8-5 years so this is only picked up if a attends If they do not it may remain unnoticed until primary Potential parenting difficulties can be highlighted as early as pre-birth.

No, it is only the claim that 8775 phenomena exist which lie outside the ability of empirical science to explain 8776 or in other words, 8775 things exist which do not behave in accordance with *known* laws of the universe. 8776 There is nothing at all logically contradictory about those formulations, *unless* you subscribe to the idea that scientific laws are logical truths (which, to me, is absurd no offense).

8775 You can 8767 t speak for God so you can 8767 t tell me to ask God what I need. 8776 No, you don 8767 t have to listen to me or God. You have freewill. Schizophrenics have been institutionalized against their will and for their own good. Is transitioning for your own good? I can 8767 t stop you and I don 8767 t know you, but I can 8767 t believe it could ever be for your own good. I can 8767 t see the wind or hear the warmth from the sun, but they are perceptible none-the-less. I can 8767 t make a ghost or an angel appear to prove to you that they exist. If you want to stand on your head for seven hours I 8767 m not sure what it proves other than poor judgement, but if you say you did, I won 8767 t call you a liar. Same with God, I can 8767 t make him answer to me. I must answer to Him. So I will pray for you.

A lot of Internet bandwidth has been burned on the opioid addiction in Central Ohio. If you’ve heard “Ohio” and “addiction” in the same sentence, it’s probably in one of the countless news stories that paint the Buckeye State as Ground Zero for opioids. Here, overdoses are at historic highs. Coroners don’t even have enough room for all the bodies and they call funeral homes directly. Oxycodone, fentanyl, hydromorphone, hydrocodone and heroin flood virtually every corner of the state. Wheat fields, country roads, and even Amish buggies aren’t innocent, quaint details so much as the background features in an otherwise terrifying story about addiction in America. To show someone a map of Ohio is to show them an anatomical map of addiction: arteries of drug transportation, clustered nerve-endings of trailer parks ravaged by a bad batch, fevers of crime waves.

What about in a scientific experiment? What if you observe 655,555 random particles moving in Brownian motion, and they all have the *exact same* velocity? Is it scientifically rational to shrug it off as a really weird, but statistically possible coincidence? Or is the rational reaction to say that there *must* be some explanation? Now, in this case, the explanation could be a heretofore unknown law of physics but what if the particles are all moving in the precise pattern of a classical waltz? Could there be any scientifically rational explanation that *doesn 8767 t* include some variant on 8775 some intelligence is controlling them 8776 ?

I don’t want to step inside. This isn’t what I signed up for. We just had to see if she was alive. That’s it. But inside I go. I’m 95, married father of three, and I don’t belong here. But my brain is already scrabbling through every single detail: Where did all the furniture go? Who pays the rent? Is she squatting here? Will the cops be busting in at any second? Heroin use is like a cartoon in my head: it’s all people wildly running around with needles and spoons, as if they’re all my grandmother’s greatest nightmare about people running with scissors come alive. I’m afraid that if I touch anything, I’ll get hooked on heroin, like catching my toe on a rusty nail will give me instant tetanus.

Therefore, you can 8767 t argue that God cannot exist because He cannot be observed (and only observable things exist), but then argue that observing Jesus didn 8767 t count as observing God because He could not have been God (because God cannot exist). Try to schematize that, and you 8767 ll see that it leads to a proof in which the conclusion is one of the premises. I 8767 d do it myself, for you, but the com-box doesn 8767 t always handle the symbols of formal logic properly.

That 8767 s one of many observable phenomena that tends to show the *existence* of God. As for the question of morality, it *begins* (though certainly doesn 8767 t end) with the observation that there are certain basic morals that are common to virtually every culture ever. As . Lewis points out, different cultures may disagree on *to whom* one should show loyalty (family, tribe, nation, all fellow humans), but *no* culture praises traitors or promise-breakers, and different cultures may disagree on *when* one should be brave, but no culture exalts cowards.

Likewise, no scientist will say, 8775 Black holes might be just a story. 8776 If you press them, they 8767 ll admit, 8775 OK, well, we can 8767 t definitively prove black holes exist, but they are the best fit for the observed data. 8776 And most Christians (or at least most Catholics I am Catholic, so I can 8767 t speak to the beliefs of fundamentalists) will admit, if pressed, 8775 OK, well, there isn 8767 t definitive evidence that God exists, but there 8767 s enough evidence to convince me that He does. 8776

But the libertarian problem is not helped by Catholic Democrats attacking their Republican counterparts. There is, in fact, great common cause that could be made by Catholic Democrats and Catholic Republicans including on the question of libertarianism. But that cannot happen if your project is less about advancing the cause of Catholic Social Teaching than it is about scoring political points and winning elections.

The fact that there are some laws that seem to be written on men 8767 s hearts raises the question of why they are there. Some can be explained as evolutionary herd advantages, but not all (plus, the very idea of genes propagating because they benefit the herd, even though they *disadvantage* the individual carrier flies in the face of natural selection, and has [to the best of my knowledge] never been proven by any amount of hard data, only hypothesized by a number of [admittedly intelligent] scientists).



Crisis Text Line is a free, 79/7 resource that serves people in any type of crisis, providing them access to emotional support and information they need via the medium they already use and trust.

Here's how it works: 6. A teen texts into CTL anywhere, anytime.
7. A live, trained specialist receives the text and responds quickly.
8. The specialist helps the teen stay safe and healthy with effective, secure counseling and referrals through text messaging using CTL's platform.

The only liberal Catholic social teaching that I know of that deals with the poor is based upon the demographics of contraception, abortion and consumption. According to voting exit polls about half of Catholics support the culture of death. Blacks are generally poorer than whites and they abort at the rate of 9 times or more than whites poor Hispanics are not that far behind. So-called Catholic charities of all kind support contraception and abortion and they export it abroad. Bishops, priests, and nuns encourage beliefs and behaviors that are contrary to Church teaching. Folks become numb and do not care. This is a simple strategy: kill off the poor people with contraception and abortion, then you do not have a poor people problem. With the poor people gone, you can consume more for yourself. Of course, it takes time to accomplish. All the modern theories and solutions are a load of dung. We have turned away from Christ to Satan. That is all we need to know.

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