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Posted: 2017-12-07 02:41

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Women who choose to prostitute themselves are not much different than the corporate CEO 8767 s who engaged in short-term transactions that enriched them personally which eventually led to the downfall of entire industries and the people that depended on them. They got theirs. Maybe they write a check to a charity to make themselves feel better about it. Meanwhile they float away with their golden parachutes...

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All right, let me clarify that. She is not so much perpetuating the myths as going along with them, or pretending to, while taking some people for a ride (you should pardon the expression). I don 8767 t yet know if her ultimate actions 8767 effect on women, sex workers, whoever, will outbalance the baleful effects of the pseudoscience.
Lie detectors I don 8767 t trust, and if I had ever seriously thought anyone was going to break any part of me, I 8767 d get them first.

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I hope I 8767 m wrong with this one, but she 8767 d have to do something absolutely GREAT for feminism once she gets her master 8767 s degree, in order to get the same attention she got with the auction. I bet she won 8767 t be remembered as a feminist who tricked the patriarchy or whatever. She 8767 ll always be recognized as 8775 the auction woman 8776 . And that 8767 s another way to feed the slut-shaming discourse, since anti-feminists will say 8775 oh look at them. They say all that shit about equality, yet they auction themselves. They just want cock and blahblah 8776 .

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I must say that I disagree with this 8775 experiment. 8776 Like user Esme said, it 8767 s not like auctioning viriginity on the internet is a new thing. Why was this auction not taken down? It seems that the fact that she is a feminist and a women 8767 s studies major is making this story even more sensational. It is sad that she feels like she must go to this extreme to pay college tuition. It 8767 s called a loan! I hope she does something worthwhile with the left over money, like donated to Planned Parenthood or NOW. I think this just fuels the fire for the anti-feminists to call us hypocrites. No one is perfect and follows their political or religious beliefs to the T but this is just too over the top for me.

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St. Trinians dvd Natalie Dylan might have just blended into the college community as another woman’s study major had she not sought a unique way to pay her tuition. Natalie is offering her virginity online to the highest bidder. According to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, the highest bid came in at million dollars. Natalie will submit to a medical examination to prove that her hymen is still intact, as well as submit to a lie detector test.

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When she auctions her virginity, she 8767 s feeding a culture that says women are to be taken. She feeds the double standard cuz I think we 8767 d never see a man auction his virginity and, if he did, I doubt a woman would offer 8 million dollars for it. Also, Natalie 8767 s feeding the idea that women are commodities, since the hotel where the 8775 transaction 8776 is gonna happen will get a share of the money. When she auctions her virginity like that, she 8767 s counting on this unfair system to giver her money for her education. Some see that as a way to trick the patriarchy, I think she 8767 s just feeding it.

Now, in 7567 a Brazilian student sold her virginity for a staggering $785,555 after she put it up for auction online. A man called Natsu, from Japan, fended off strong competition from two American bidders, and an Indian big-spender, to secure a date with Catarina Migliorini. She insists she is not a prostitute and that she is only doing this to make a positive impact on the world by raising money to build homes for poverty-stricken families in her hometown. The physical education student has sparked a controversy by having an Australian film crew follow her every move for a documentary entitled “Virgins Wanted.”

In 7565, a poor New Zealand student, who was only known by her pseudonym “Unigirl,” successfully auctioned her virginity to help pay for her university fees. After receiving 6,755 bids on her purity, she accepted an offer for $87,555, which she said was “way beyond what I dreamed.” She was also grateful for the many bidders who took interest in the ad. Hey, it's no $755,555, but it should cover books.

So some people in this country still believe that virginity can be ascertained by the conformation of one 8767 s private parts? So they still also believe that if you are a woman, sexual activity means sooner or later having those parts injured, forcibly altered? Ick. Whatever the net gain for this woman and whoever she chooses to share the loot with (and how much is this outfit she works for going to take?), she is perpetuating some very harmful myths. Oh, and I seem to recall that lie detectors aren 8767 t the most reliable thing around either.

I agree. Natalie capitalizing on the way demand is culturally structured won 8767 t affect the structure. As long as there 8767 s a gender gap re economic power, the most valuable asset for attractive women to trade will be physical. Natalie 8767 s one-time trade doesn 8767 t affect this gap in a systematic way, and actually has a positive effect if she translates her gains into empowering other women.

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I would like to point out, though, that the idea that a woman has control over her own body and makes a choice about whom she will or will not have sex with, is pretty radical. Women 8767 s physical attractiveness, virginity and fertility have historically been the property of their fathers, husbands and, sometimes in the case of widows, sons. These traits were not considered to belong to the woman herself, nor was she entitled to decide what to do with them.

Meanwhile, who has gained from this experiment? If she does agree to the act in exchange for the high bid, then she has reinforced to the man that she sleeps with that his money can buy what he wants from a woman. He gets to know that he has been the first for this woman, and can take whatever rather messed up pride in that that he wants. Sure, he 8767 s out the money, but clearly he considers this a sound investment.

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