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Adictionary of slang - A - English slang of the UK

Posted: 2017-12-07 11:34

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Unfortunately, during the escape Jordan's falls on him and fatally wounds him. Instead of yelling different variations of the word "fuck" as loud as physically possible, Jordan calmly decides to stay there and keep conscious long enough to kill the enemy troops pursuing his friends, and while we don't actually get to see what happens, we'd be pretty surprised if anyone made it past him alive.

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Just reading this link and explaining to my lovely Portuguese lady the concept of the original Cockney Ryhming Slang, I was born in Mile End in the 65 8767 s and couldn 8767 t agree more that most of the above is a load of bollocks.
Too many 8766 Mockneys 8767 clearly commenting on here as they wouldn 8767 t know a real Cockney saying if it bit them on the arse.
Anyone who used these terms back in the day knows you never used the second part of the slang.. 8767 you having a Bubble 8766 ( bath wouldn 8767 t be mentioned as any other cockney would know what it meant )
The of course you have 8766 Bubble and Squeak which sometimes you needed to use to differentiate between 8766 laugh and 8766 Greek
The new Mockney sayings stated above are indeed bollocks.

Cockney Rhyming Slang - an explanation and a list, with

Later on in the war, he was chief planner for the 85 Assault Unit, a special task force composed of 688 commandos who were trained in doing basically everything James Bond has ever done. After the war, he built his own house/slice of tropical paradise in Jamaica and, a couple years later, President Kennedy (a big fan of the Bond books) invited Fleming to dinner. While there, Fleming suggested that JFK should discredit Fidel Castro by announcing that beards attracted radioactivity and made you sterile , a suggestion that was apparently taken quite seriously by CIA Chief Allen Dulles.

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I 8767 m a third generation cockney and half of these are just made up modern words that can 8767 t be true Cockney rhyming slang as the celebrities they 8767 re referring to weren 8767 t even born, let alone famous in old London where the cockneys lived. People who think they 8767 re using rhyming slang make me laugh as they 8767 re just talking bollocks and using any word that they can think of to rhyme and not getting the point that people weren 8767 t supposed to understand what you were saying or it defeats the object of using it

Being a 95 summit East Ender who 8767 s dad, grandad, great grandad, etc, get the picture, were all born, Hoxton, Bethnal Green, Bow . I got to say there are so many errors here and im sure some of these are just made up . Trevor is right Bottle & Glass means Class it 8767 s Khyber Pass for Arse . My Nan always called us Saucepan Lids and the reference to Sherbert, (learnt this at an early age, thanks grandad) back in the day you could buy a penny bag of sherbert that put with water to make a fizzy drink, Sherbert not actual slang was used for beer as beer being fizzy to, it also was used as a code word for having a crafty beer, so this misses, mother, girlfriend didnt find out.

It remains a matter of speculation whether rhyming slang was a linguistic accident, a game, or a cryptolect developed intentionally to confuse non-locals. If deliberate, it may also have been used to maintain a sense of community. It is possible that it was used in the marketplace to allow vendors to talk amongst themselves in order to facilitate collusion, without customers knowing what they were saying. Another suggestion is that it may have been used by criminals (see thieves 8767 cant) to confuse the police.

In his spare time, Byron took care of his pets, which included a fox, monkeys, a parrot, cats, an eagle, a crow, a crocodile, a falcon, peacocks, guinea hens, an Egyptian crane, a badger, geese, a heron and a bear (beating out every . president by a good mile for having badass pets), and also liberated Greece. Oh, and he was probably the inspiration for the modern vampire (we mean Dracula, not goddamned Twilight ).

I have a piece of commemorative china, dated 6966 for the coronation of George V. It 8767 s in the shape of a duck, and it was made by the Shelley China Co, a very upscale UK pottery. On the side is written: 8766 A real prize Aylesbury Duck 8767 . Bearing in mind the translation for 8766 Aylesbury Duck 8767 , was this some sort of gag gift? Or am I reading something into it that 8767 s not there?
Made me smile, anyway -)

Before he invented Bond, Ian Fleming was personally recruited by the Director of Naval Intelligence to aid them as a spy during World War II. Fleming rose to the rank of Commander and started devising ingenious plans to disrupt the enemy forces, including Operation Ruthless, in which British troops would masquerade as injured Germans and then kill their rescuers, and Operation Goldeneye, which covertly kept an eye on fascist Spain in case it decided to join the Nazis.

He spent the next few years vacationing in Key West and the Bahamas, hunting big game in Kenya, and getting shitfaced with James Joyce. When the Spanish Civil War broke out, Hemingway traveled there and saw combat as a reporter, and in WWII he served in the Navy, tasked with destroying enemy submarines off the coast of Cuba. Later he organized his own partisan group and helped liberate Paris, proving that he could win any conflict with or without the military.

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