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Posted: 2017-12-07 13:50

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She 8767 s providing an excellent live example of how these people don 8767 t take any responsibility for the information they give to parents. They won 8767 t warn parents about the risks of breastfeeding as it 8766 might scare them 8767 and they don 8767 t see themselves as responsible for warning about the actual risks (as opposed to the usual bollocks they spout about it causing obesity, diabetes and a drop in IQ points) associated with formula when lactation fails as it 8767 s 8766 not their responsibity 8767 . And then suggest parents should go to the formula companies for information, after they 8767 ve been told over and over again that the formula companies are evil and you can 8767 t trust anything they tell then wonder why people think the advice about RTF formula is a marketing gimmick and not actual safety advice.

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You are missing the point, many things have been clearly proven to have an effect: Access to health care, smoking, obesity, education, social status, family income. ETC
All of those, and many more have very clear effect on the health of population. And this is despite the confounding effect of all the other factors you mentioned.
Yet, very large variation in breastfeeding rates have not resulted in any measurable effect on human health.
That means that the effect of breastfeeding is extremely small and practically insignificant in the context of real life.

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The WHO officials reported that they have not specifically studied the complications from exclusive breastfeeding and have no studies or grants commissioned to monitor complications of the BFHI. The WHO officials said that it convened a group of global infant nutrition experts,  last year to review and revise its guidelines, but no one on the panel raised the issue of complications as a priority for discussion. Unfortunately, none of the experts were experts in breastfeeding complications or newborn brain injury. The WHO officials indicated being close to the end of the BFHI guideline revision process before final publication. The current draft revision does not include recommendations for educating mothers on the risk factors, signs and consequences of starvation from exclusive breastfeeding nor make mention of the prevention of brain injury and disability as the 8775 medically necessary 8776 rationale for supplementation.

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Based on my pump output at the beginning of the work week vs. the end, I always figured my son was not the most efficient nurser. He was four weeks old before he could nurse exclusively at the breast without needing supplementation. There was one bottle he never figured out as a newborn we had to chuck them because he couldn 8767 t extract the milk. He was always on the lower end of the height and weight charts (as I had been as an infant, so it didn 8767 t seem odd, and also his head was in the 95th percentile). Somewhere in the second year of life he hit a growth spurt and is now above average height and nearly average weight (same huge head).

And as Dr. Amy said, no one has died from properly prepared formula, despite the insane suggestions that hundreds or thousands of babies (in developed countries) die because they are formula fed. That 8767 s ridiculous where are all their graves? It was my understanding that the biggest killers of babies are prematurity, congenital disorders and accidents. Formula does not make the list, as long as there is clean water and the formula is properly prepared.

I enjoyed your article so much. When I got pregnant I KNEW I wanted to breastfeed. I thought that I would be a FAILURE if I couldn 8767 t do it or even if I supplemented with formula just a bit. About a week after my son was born, I knew something was wrong, but every book, every lactation consultant (I saw 7 different ones during this time), every blog said that all women are able to produce enough milk. I thought that the more I nursed him, the more milk I would produce.

A few things: an individual 8767 s personal faith doesn 8767 t really affect scientific consensus and facts. Invoking god 8767 s hand in creating humanity is victim-blaming at worst, and purely irrelevant at best. If you think the human body is designed in a perfect way (by God), then I do hope you 8767 re consistent with other, non-reproduction items that can go wrong do you advise only alternative/natural/whatever-you-think-respects-god methods for treating or preventing cancer, infectious disease, etc?

I don 8767 t think ALL lactivists lie over money. Mainly because they 8767 re not all making money off breastfeeding. I think there 8767 s a huge portion of breastfeeding sanctimommies who lie about breastfeeding being perfect to make themselves feel superior. They make nursing and AP practices in general such a big part of their identity that they have to justify it to themselves in absence of any real accomplishments.

Definitions of improper breastfeeding vary. Ask a pediatrician and you will be urged to supplement when needed. Ask a lactivist and you will be told to hold off and ignore what the pediatrician says. And even hospital-based IBCLCs sometimes (often?) fall into the second group. Thus, the recent LC pushes to ignore the 65% guideline by using the lie that babies born to mothers with IVs have birth weights that are falsely inflated. Thus the Baby Friendly Initiative push to measure and reward rates of exclusive breastfeeding at discharge from the hospital where a history of getting any formula, even if clearly indicated, disqualifies a baby from being called exclusively breastfed.

As far as I read in forums and hear from acquaintances, its very common that mothers have to severely cut their diets to accommodate baby 8767 s allergies or intolerances (cow milk protein being one of bigger culprits). My SIL sustained on buckwheat for a few months and said that it was the worst experience in postpartum period. Well, if I 8767 ll get to that situation I guess I 8767 ll be tempted to switch to formula, really.

Plus, I 8767 d imagine that not all women produce milk of equal quality. I 8767 d expect variation, but nobody talks about that. There are those who say mom should be cautious with her own diet to help make sure that her milk is nutritious, but others say that the milk will be fine without any special nutritional effort. I 8767 m guessing that, like everything else, that would vary woman-to-woman.

8775 Firstly, formula can be watered down more easily than breast milk, and there is more reason to do so it costs money to formula feed. 8776
I would argue that there is more reason to water down breastmilk. Pumped breastmilk fetches a high price per ounce, so watering it down will get you $$$. Also who is more likely to feel a desperate need to make a bottle stretch, a woman who formula feeds and can always just make more, or a woman struggling to pump enough for her infant while at work and who has been led to believe that even a small amount of formula will ruin everything?

There are two kinds of mastitis. The 8775 itis 8776 ending means inflammation. The beginning, the first 79 hours is the result of milk stasis. Milk proteins can then leak out into the surrounding tissue with resulting redness, swelling, pain, and heat. Frequent drainage (feeding or pumping) and removing the cause of the milk stasis can usually resolve this in a day. If she still has a fever after 79 hours, then it 8767 s time for a call to provider. In any case, breastfeeding should continue. When the mastitis is bilateral, this is a sign of strep mastitis, and may require hospitalization and IV antibiotics, as this is the mastitis that can lead to death. And, as you say, any untreated mastitis can lead to sepsis and death.

US have the biggest vaccination schedule in the world, and are also the 88rd sickest in the world when you compare with 679 other countries: 8775 Save the a global nonprofit organization aimed at improving the health of worldwide, ranked 679 countries based on five indicators: maternal health, 8767 s well-being, and education, economic, and political status. When taking all of these factors into account, the United States slid to 88rd place worldwide, down two spots in the rankings compared to last year. 8776

The mother had smoked marijuana throughout her pregnancy for anxiety. She gave birth two months pre-mature and insisted on providing pumped breastmilk to her baby now in the NICU, while continuing to smoke marijuana. Since this happened locally for me, it was a hot topic amongst my friends. Most of my friends, educated women in their thirties, argued that the mother had done the right thing. There seems to be a huge defense of both breastfeeding and marijuana use. Both are seen as natural and therefore without harm.

Healthy babies in concentration camps ? Fuck, that 8767 s a horrible insult to the women who were put in the terrible position to have to feed (and hide) a baby in those inhumane circumstances. The ones who survived did so only because of incredible gestures of unselfishness and solidarity, such as other prisoners giving up some of their much-needed food to give it to the mother (or the baby, after the food had been chewed), or stealing food from the kitchen, risking (and sometimes losing) their lives in the process. You obviously have NO IDEA what life in concentration camps was like.
The fact that some (very few) babies survived in concentration camps is due to sheer luck and the heroism of some women, not breastfeeding.

I would argue that there are just as many people in poverty (especially the last five years) that are more likely to water down formula which they can 8767 t afford. But anyway, we won 8767 t know which of us is right or wrong. The point is that has to do whether breastfeeding is good or not and more to do with whether breastfeeding correctly. I could write just as damaging article on formula if I was using incorrect formula feeding methods. You are comparing safe formula techniques to unsafe breastfeeding techniques so the argument doesn 8767 t hold up.

Its relevant because its exposes the author 8767 s inconsistency. Here 8767 s another for you and readers: Amy 8767 s first source for HD stated a rate of % for 8775 moderate 8776 HD and 8775 No deaths 8776 . The AAP 8767 s Special Report on circ listed several sources for complications from circ and they averaged 7-5%. If % is 8775 common 8776 enough to be an issue worthy of her alarmist title and opening sentence then 7-5% is a 8775 common 8776 occurrence for complications from circ.

Oh yes, they leave the exhausted new mother with stitches and blood loss to care for the baby, and then say that the safest place is a cot. The baby will cry and the mother will take him to her bed, hug him and breastfeed him, and he will most likely calm, because all newborn mammals want to lie next to Mum. But this is dangerous.
In my country (and, I guess, in others too), the mother is not alone with her baby in the room, there are at least other mothers and babies. Even if you try to let the baby cry himself to sleep, you cannot, because he will not allow other babies and mothers to sleep as well. So the mother conforts the baby anyway she can, typically by carrying him around, which is 8775 the best 8776 for her torn tissues, or by taking him to bed.

As a result, even ostensibly scientific conventional medicine can he stubbornly pseudoscientific at times. In some cases, it hangs on for decades (psychoanalysis / psychodynamics leaps to mind). When a constituency is created, it can be pernicious. To paraphrase Upton Sinclair 8766 it is difficult to get one to understand something, when one 8767 s salary is dependent on not understanding it. 8767 That may well be at play here.

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